Tuesday, 9 June 2015

30 Days Wild - day 9

 We joined the 30 days wild to support the campaign, as a family we are always spending time wild and thought by joining up we could share our love of nature with you.

Today I hope to show you that nature really is just on your back doorstep.... literally! I have taken a 4 second video of a mason bee leaving a gargoyle where it has built it's nest, this is on my back door step. It's a wonderful place to sit and read whilst watching the bees.

These bees have been nesting in the gargoyle for a number of years now, obviously space is limited so my husband has built a some extra bee houses to help out.

This is one of the bee houses, the plug you can see has been made by the mason bees... the bee house is actually quite full this year and my husband is thinking of adding some new housing soon for next years bees. We have seen the amount of bees coming to our backdoor increase quite a lot over the last few years.

Sometimes we even get leaf cutter bees in the same housing the children love watching these different sorts of solitary bee.

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