Thursday, 4 June 2015

30 Days Wild - day 4

Today we headed off to the beach to explore the dunes and do a little beach combing as it was such a beautiful day.

We found a large amount of sea gooseberries washed up on the shore, as we usually do this time of year. Many beetles were hiding in the seaweed too.

A couple of very soggy bees had been washed up after falling in the sea, my husband relocated them away from the shore line and into the dunes where they could dry out a little.

We did find a dead fish, it was a lovely blue and silver colour, a dead crab and many pieces of crab shell. Also an extremely large purple claw...see photographs below.

The children collected a few things to display on our nature table to remind them of our day, some sea glass, fossils, shells and a beautiful little pebble with a little heart in the centre.

It was a lovely day and we are planning another beach trip to go rock pooling in a week or two.


  1. SEA GOOSEBERRIES oh my goodness... I'm so glad you posted. They regularly crop up on our local beach and I've often wondered what on earth they are. I thought they might be a by-product of industry. Off to Google sea gooseberries!

    1. Thank-you for reading Fay, glad we could help :) Sea gooseberries are also called comb jellies, beautiful marine invertebrates...images of them in the water are amazing :)