Thursday, 18 June 2015

30 Days Wild - day 18

Today we went rock pooling, it was a lovely day apart from being a little chilly but many different types of shore creatures were found including some mystery items photographed at the bottom of this page.

We arrived first thing this morning just as the tide had started to recede and expose the many rock pools.

We spotted many kinds of crab, from the very small red crabs to the slightly larger see through ones.

Also one or two very large green ones that no one wanted to pick up for fear of nipping.

We also found some small hermit crabs in all different kinds of shells.

One of the hermit crabs was having a bit of a crisis with it's shell, it appeared to have a shell which was a little too large and it kept coming right out of this shell and trying to steal one of the other crabs shells.

We were a little worried about leaving it in the rock pool in a shell less state as it would be vulnerable so we hunted around and found lots of empty shells and left them in it's rock pool...just in case it liked one of these better.

The rock pools were full of prawns, some quite large and a few fish like the one below, out of the water for a second for a photo.

There were literally hundreds of winkles, this one is near a sea anemone.

Now to the mystery objects... we found a couple of jelly like objects, one was white about six inches long with what looked like white eggs inside. The other was like a mass of jelly elongate blobs or tentacle shaped things. We don't know what these are for sure so if you have an idea please let us know. Please see photo below.

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