Monday, 1 June 2015

30 Days Wild - day 1

As you know we have joined the Wildlife Trust's 30 days wild, and we will be committing random acts of wildness all month long. Today is day 1 and we had a very long swimming session planned at our local pool, so we had to fit our wild time around this.

 We took extra time to walk to and from the pool passing some interesting urban mini wild areas. We spotted some rabbits and squirrels hiding along this pathway. We also found a very busy hand rail which was covered in sticky pollen from the trees causing a huge amount of aphids to walk along it, these were being predated on by ladybirds and their larva. The rail had so many different kinds of insects on that it looked like a major highway!

We also found this very old, tattered butterfly which sat on my daughter's hand for quite some time feeling all around her fingers with it's proboscis. Looking forward to day 2 now.

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