Thursday, 11 June 2015

30 Days Wild - day 11

Today we went pond dipping at our local marsh, this is one of the children's favourite activities and it was a beautiful day for a wild adventure.

The pond was teeming with life and damselflies and dragonflies were everywhere. We kept hearing little splashes at the water bank but were never fast enough to see what was making the noise.

We saw quite a lot of fish but didn't catch any, but we did catch a few tadpoles that were just starting to grow their legs.

Many snails, bivalves, cased caddis fly larva and water boatmen.

We even managed to scoop out a few very large leeches.

Growing all along the side of the banks were beautiful wildflowers, many yellow irises and ragged robin.

The children managed to see a slow worm, it moved into the undergrowth too fast for me to get a photograph but it was a very exciting moment for them. The otters didn't put in an appearance today but we did manage to see a heron.

Pond dipping is always a good choice of wild adventure for children such a lot to see and experience.

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