Wednesday, 3 June 2015

30 Days Wild - day 3

Today we went out looking for lizards, we have a place near us which used to be home to many common lizards. We have been watching them for quite a few years and have seen the numbers dwindle recently. Unfortunately, today we only caught a glimpse of one as it disappeared into the undergrowth but we will go back on another warm day to hopefully get some photos for you.

We have some exciting news for you.... our blue tits have fledged, we missed the actual event but my husband checked the box today as it had been really quiet and we hadn't seen the adults for a couple of days only to find it completely empty. The photograph above is of one of the parents leaving last week carrying a fecal sac.

I have also made a very short film of some baby spiders scattering filmed this morning in our garden for you to enjoy. See you tomorrow.

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