Wednesday 26 January 2011

Goldfish kites for Chinese new year

This is our third craft so far for Chinese new year which is on February 3rd, the children have been having so much fun preparing for all the festivities, and have learned so much in the process. I think this craft was their favourite and caused many delighted squeals as they played with their creations.

We decided to make a goldfish kite, goldfish are considered very fortunate in China especially at the new year and signify abundance. This is another very simple kids craft and we have used a inner tube from a kitchen or toilet roll as the base for our goldfish and covered it in orange crepe paper. We then attached 2 fin shapes to the side with a glue stick and many long strips of crepe and tissue paper to one end to represent the tail.

As you can see from the above photograph the design is pretty self explanatory, little googly eyes were added to make it more fish like. Initially we intended to draw on scales but the crepe paper had an interesting texture so we decided to leave the goldfish as it was.

After the glue was dry, string was attached to the front of the goldfish, which was then attached to a stick or a piece of dowel if you prefer. This allows the goldfish to fly out behind the child as they run about, it has an effect a bit like a wind sock. The children also loved twirling them around above their heads in large circles, as I said earlier this has been by far their favourite craft and it gave them hours of fun.

 These are the 2 goldfish kites hanging up for a rest at the end of the day, just waiting for tomorrow. Our cat thought this was a cool craft too, he was fascinated by the tails as they whizzed past him.


  1. love these! I'm in charge of decorating our corner of the school this year and you've got my crafty brain thinking of projects for my student volunteers! love it. thanks

  2. Oh my these are SO CUTE!! I love them. I love all Loo Roll crafts. Simply gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Kids Get Crafty and sharing them!


  3. These are great. In the past we have made windsock-type things like this from old plastic bags (using different colours) and a yoghurt pot with the bottom cut off - and then had a fab time running around the park with them on windy days!

  4. I remember these from throughout the year and I LOVE them!! So cool to see them again in the "Best of 2011 Kids Activities"!! :-)


  5. Hi! Thank you for joining in the Best of 2011 Blog Hop - lovely to 'meet' you. Look forward to reading more in 2012 :)

  6. I am not a crafty person, but thought this project would be perfect for my daughter's kindergarten class next month in celebration of Chinese New Year.

    Can anyone recommend where I can get the crepe papers, strings, fin shapes, eyes and sticks? If I need to make the fin shapes, do you have any step by step instruction?

    Any help would be much appreciate. This would be my first craft project. Thanks!

    1. Hello, thank-you for considering one of our projects. This is really a very easy project and my young children enjoyed both the making and playing with the kite, so I think it would be perfect for your class.

      The crepe paper, string and eyes could be bought in any shop that sells craft items and the stick we collected from the garden. The fin shape we cut out from the paper and is just a simple kind of leaf or petal shape.

      Good luck with your project :)