Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Decorating Candles

We thought we would get an early start on the up coming celebrations, and start some of our crafts early. On February 1st / 2nd there is the Pagan festival Imbolc (or on the 2nd Candlemas if you are a Christian), I have to find crafts suitable for a very independent 2 year old and a 6 year old to participate in, so for the festival we have decided to decorate candles rather than make the candles.

I had the idea that a nature inspired,decorative candle would look very nice and thought we would stick the rest of the flowers that we have already pressed to the pillar candle, the children have also added some of their own ideas too. So we have started by pasting PVA glue on the candle and sticking dried, pressed leaves and flowers, we have also added some plants and herbs from the garden and some coloured leaf skeletons too.

This sort of craft can be done by any age group, I had the idea that I might make one myself using a tapered candle and some tendrils but haven't got round to that yet. Once the children were happy with their designs the candles were left out to dry.

Once dry an adult can brush over the leaves and flowers with melted wax to seal them in if you choose to. The photograph below is of the finished candles, the children are quite proud of these and no glitter in sight for a change. All ready now for February 2nd. What do you think?

*Safe candle burning rules are ALWAYS observed in our house, no candles are ever left burning alone for even a second or any where they can be knocked into by children. Please keep an extra vigilant eye on any modifications you make to any candles. These candles are beautiful for decorative purposes, if lit anything that may fall onto the flame should be safely removed first.