Friday, 21 January 2011

Chinese New Year Lanterns

Chinese new year of the rabbit starts on February 3rd, we are planning more than one craft and hoping to learn more about the Chinese celebration so we are getting an early start again. This first craft activity is aimed at very small children, it is a very simple craft and I'm hoping to get my kids glitter lust out of the way.

Every one has made these lanterns before but I'll briefly explain as I go along in case you have forgotten. First fold your A4 sheet of red paper in half length ways and cut strips almost to the edge as seen above. open out and let the kids go to town decorating, I tried to get them to keep to red and gold mostly to keep the lantern looking Chinese. We glued tissue paper strips along one edge to act as like tails and rolled the paper up, stapled the edges together and also attached the handle.

This is the finished lantern, the children made one each and they are now hanging up on the door as a decoration for the new year celebration.

Of course they had to spend some time running around with the lanterns flying behind them like kites so I am lucky they are still in one piece.

                                                 Happy New Year China for February 3rd

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