Monday, 10 January 2011

Change of direction

It seems such a long time since I have written anything here, we have all had the flu over Christmas starting with the smallest ones on boxing day and then spreading through the rest of us like a plague. It has been a really horrible virus and we are still coughing and finding it difficult to breathe sometimes but we are improving everyday thankfully.

There have been lots of stargazing activities for us to use our new telescope on, which was kindly gifted to my son, by a lovely lady who we met through free cycle. This has enabled him to continue to learn about his love of astronomy. The above photograph was taken on the day we received the telescope, while he was trying to learn how to operate it. In the last few weeks there has been a lunar eclipse, a partial solar eclipse, a few meteor showers, visible planets and so much more.

My son has had a really difficult decision to make over the holiday season, this is whether to continue going to the football coaching classes that he was enjoying so much or not. We have left this decision to him, even though we wanted to stop him going due to the pain he has been in with his feet and legs after his surgery earlier this year, see here. We have obviously comforted and supported him while he was thinking about his options and he has come to the very painful decision that he can no longer go to football classes, participating has put him in so much pain afterwards that it often led to both of us in tears. We have wondered whether he is in more pain due to the cold weather, so he will assess how he feels when the weather warms up slightly. Bless him.

As it is a new year, I also asked him what he thought he might like to learn more about this year, he stated that he would love to learn more about his first love, dinosaurs. This will be a difficult challenge as he seems to know so much about this subject already, he is like a mini professor. The photograph above shows some of his fossil teeth collection. The thing he would most love to do is go on a dig as he is sure there are still new species of dinosaur to be discovered, he would love to be involved in finding something 'like a real palaeontologist'. So you can see my predicament, how am I going to pull that one off ?  Maybe we could visit some of the fossil rich areas and where they can be seen in the rock, I'll have to see.

The other things he is interested in studying at the moment are the Nature Journal project that we will be starting soon, he loves nature and this will be his way of documenting the world around us from his point of view. Also the Victorians have captured his interests, he has been watching lots of documentaries, reading books and even watching programs designed to show you exactly how they lived and worked. Looks like we will be very busy then!


  1. Aw bless him, and you all for having to come to that decision.

    Re the fossil thing - I seem to remember that they do palaeontologist lead fossil walks/hunts in the Filey area, it's something we've meant to do but have so far not gotten round to.

  2. Hi

    Have you looked at Dinosaurland in Lyme Regis? We keep meaning to get down there.


  3. thank-you for reading and your suggestions, we haven't been to either place. I have wanted to visit Lyme Regis since I was a little girl and read an inspiring book about Mary Anning.
    He has also mentioned this area too, I think he would love any place that had dinosaurs and fossils.:) A big dream for him!

  4. Poor little fella.

    We had a fossil walk here in Bristol one time, but they weren't dinosaur fossils that we found at the end of it. We could probably organize something if you came down this way. Might be a bit underwhelming though, as the tree stump we dug in has been seriously worked over now, and it *is* a longish walk to get there.

    If you fancied that, I'd have to get in touch with some HE folks nearby and see if there was anything left to be discovered there.
    We basically smashed open stones from under the tree stump, and found snail-alike fossils.

    However there is the free museum as a back up, which has some cool dinosaur fossils.

    Also, I just found this!

    ...and I'm pretty sure I know whereabouts on the Avon Gorge they are on about. Much easier to get to, from parking place at the top.

    Just a thought/option anyway! :) I've no idea whereabouts you guys actually are. There might be a good site closer to you on that list.

  5. thank-you for reading, that's a lovely idea and if we came across to your side of the country on holiday, we would be sure to look you up for that dinosaur expedition :)

    thank-you also for posting links and ideas. we have been looking into some places close to us.

  6. I love your new telescope! I had one growing up and it was so much fun to look at the stars and moon every night! It is such a magical sight! Our universe is so enchanting! Bright Blessings to you and your family! -Jenn