Saturday, 5 February 2011

Chinese new year and review

We have had so much fun learning about the Chinese new year celebrations, we have done many craft projects, some of them have been featured in previous posts. We have also located China on our globe and looked up it's flag, as part of our China project we have looked at traditional lion dancing, some of the history through stories and studied the well known story of how the new year animals came to be. We have also looked at some man made features and some of the geological features of the country, naturally, as there are many dinosaurs dug up there!

We didn't stop there though, the children are always very excited to learn new things, so my son tried out some Chinese writing, they both learned how to say 'happy new year' in Chinese and the chorus of a Chinese new year song. Which my 2 year old daughter has been singing constantly! We had a home cooked Chinese meal to celebrate with fortune cookies and of course they had the red envelopes that we made and filled with 8 coins each for luck.

The little gifts you can see in the above photograph were from my eldest daughter, who not only managed to find Chinese gifts, she also found some Chinese coins for the children to see close up. They had such a good time and learned so much they are now wondering what the next celebration is and which country we will be studying next. I'll have to get thinking on that one!

As for me, well I have been trying to crochet these mittens for my daughter... trying being the appropriate word, she has lost hers and as it is still a little cold so she will need some for about another month. I decided to crochet the mittens as it looked easier than knitting them, the thumbs had me confused every time! I know they are not perfect or even close to looking like the pattern but they will do for a month and she loves them. When it gets warmer I'm going to pull them out and try again with a simpler pattern for next winter. It's all good practice isn't it?... and I obviously need lots of practice!

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