Saturday, 6 June 2015

30 Days Wild - day 6

Today we had two of our moths emerge from their chrysalises...The children sometimes collect a chrysalis that they come across in the garden so that they can keep it in a safe place to see the moth emerge.

Both the moths were exactly the same, both had a yellow under wing which is not visible in these photographs. The moth is a lesser yellow underwing, so we have had a moth release today.

We have also had a bird of prey sighting whilst at our allotment this morning, it was doing quite a bit of hovering and we think it is probably a kestrel... My husband managed to shoot a little footage of it in action.


  1. Beautiful pics! We usually raise monarchs in the summer since our yard is full of milkweed and it's become a tradition to raise them (plus an occasional other butterfly type) but we found a crecopia caterpillar a few years ago and raised that (making sure we had the right backyard leaves to feed it and house it properly), keeping the massive cocoon all winter. It was on a stick in a hanging plant and we had sort of forgotten about it, not even sure it was viable any longer, when one day my oldest daughter noticed this ENORMOUS colorful moth sitting on the plant (there's a picture of it on her hand outside on my blog header). It's the largest type of moth in the world! We released it outside and it was an unforgettable moment. :)

    1. Thank-you... we usually watch the cinnabar moths every year in our garden. The children would love to see a moth as big as the one you released but unfortunately they are not in our country :)