Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Nature reserve and return to the blog

It's been a while since I posted here but we are definitely back now after our time away. We have been so busy as usual but I have managed to start a Facebook page if anyone would like to visit us there for a chat and like us, the link is on the right.

Last week we visited our local nature reserve, we love to keep a check on the wildlife at various points of the year and there are many babies about at the moment, like this Egyptian gosling.

We have taken a picnic so that we could spend the day nature watching and exploring at a leisurely pace with nothing to hurry back for.

Some of the birds seem just as interested in us. The children love to see how much the young ones have grown in between our visits and to keep track of how well they are doing.

We managed to spot quite a lot of fish swimming by, very close to a spot where we usually see a pike but we couldn't see it today... Just small fish.

I even explored the ruins this time, there were some beautiful arches which seemed like doorways to another world it was so quiet. Magical...

On the walk home at the end of the day the children spotted some young cows in a field and stopped to say hello.

As I said before we are back, you will be seeing much more of us so stop by and say hello either in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. We have signed up to do the 30 day wild challenge, click the link if you fancy signing up yourself, there are a few days left until June. I can't imagine that this will be difficult for us as the children love spending time out in the wild.

See you soon!

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