Thursday, 28 May 2015

Exploring Digestion!

The children have spent some time recently exploring body functions, and digestion came up for discussion as we had a science kit in the cupboard.

They were exceptionally keen to get the replica stomach to work, as you can see in the above photograph safety goggles are very important especially where the digestive system is concerned!... who knows what could happen.

The stomach was filled with random pieces of food, liquid, colouring and a few other necessary ingredients and gently squeezed to try to replicate the digestion process. An old stocking was fixed to the end to simulate the intestines as the food passed on it's journey.

Quite basic but helped the little ones to understand the process a little better, although I expect the gross factor had a lot to do with their enjoyment. The children love to experiment and usually have quite a few things on the go at any one time. No doubt this one will get repeated a few times.


  1. This is great, you can extend this science project too, have you seen my digestion project?!The-Digestive-System/c1mvs/554cd5610cf2836c882669af

    1. Thank-you Lisa... We often read your science posts and will definitely be extending this project. They are amazingly informative :)

    2. Cool 😎 that's so lovely to hear!

      I hope you have as much fun with the project as we did at science crazy!