Friday, 13 February 2015

Clay Doily Hearts

For Valentine's day this year we have made a clay heart garland which has been printed to look like a vintage doily. I really loved the pine cone garland we made at Christmas and have to say I really quite miss it, so we have decided to have a seasonal garland throughout the year filled with craft items and memories.

We rolled our clay out and pressed an old plastic doily that used to belong to my grandmother into it to give us the wonderful pattern. We used a cookie cutter to give us the heart shapes, put a hole in the top for the string and left them to dry.

We also made a larger one as a gift for my eldest daughter who has had heart surgery this week.

We gave them a red undercoat and left them to dry for a little longer.

To pick out the highlights in a lighter colour gives the heart a vintage doily look, and we have lightly brushed over the red hearts with a white paint. Then finished with a coat of varnish to give it shine and a little durability.

So after threading onto a rustic natural string this is what our Valentine garland looks like. Hopefully it's a lovely keepsake that we can bring out year after year and enjoy. The special one for my daughter was finished off with a red ribbon.

We wish you a speedy recovery and hope you are soon feeling much better xx

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