Saturday, 31 January 2015

Pumpkin Relish

We still have some pumpkins stored from our allotment and as time is ticking on I needed to think of some different ways to use them up. My husband is making a batch of pumpkin wine so I thought about preserving them in a similar way to the courgettes...Relish!

We love the courgette relish I make every year and it never lasts very long at all, so the only change to my usual recipe was to swap most of the courgette with pumpkin. The results were so tasty I will probably make it this way again.

As you can see in the photo it is an amazing colour, a slightly richer more orange colour and has a very pleasing crunch.

I won't put the whole recipe on again but if you would like to try this... and I would definitely recommend it, I will put a link on to my courgette relish here...

I have used exactly the same recipe and method as this courgette relish recipe except the 750g of courgette was swapped instead for 500g of pumpkin and 250g of courgette.

These jars should keep us going for a little while, although if it lasts as long as the courgette relish I may have to make a larger batch next time.

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