Sunday, 17 July 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday

Just a quick post to wish my beautiful daughter a happy 3rd birthday, it seems that all I've been doing the last few weeks is celebrate something or other, we have had three birthdays and an anniversary, but this is the last one for a while...phew. We have had a lovely day, it really doesn't seem three years ago that we came home from hospital with this little bundle...she looked just like a little angel.

This is one of my favourite photographs of her... so peaceful. Although I expect she will be spending more time the other side of the lens as she asked for her first camera for her birthday. Amongst her current favourite things are hello kitty and the colour pink so we had a go at making a hello kitty cake.

Some of the cards we made are below... happy birthday little one.


  1. Gorgeous photo of your little one as a baby, I have a 3 year old too and it's all gone so quickly. Fan Hello Kitty cake, bet she loved it!

  2. thank-you for your lovely comment, that is one of my favourite photos and she loved the cake :)

  3. Seriously impressed with those cakes!

  4. thank-you, they were my first attempts at themed cakes so I am secretly pleased with them :D