Friday, 8 July 2011

7th Birthday

Today is my son's 7th birthday, so this is just a quick post to wish him a very happy birthday and to show you the cake we made. It really doesn't seem like 7 years ago that we came home from the hospital with him.

He is very rarely this quiet now, a very special little boy with a very different way of looking at things and he has inspired us to view the world differently too.

So here is the cake! As my son is extremely dinosaur obsessed, we thought a dinosaur cake would be quite exciting for him. It is my first go at making a themed cake like this, usually my cakes are round. I think he was quite impressed although I do remember him bringing up some anatomical inconsistencies. Happy 7th Birthday.

Nearly forgot to add the birthday cards we made for him, my youngest daughter had so much fun with her card... glitter really is her thing.


  1. Excellent cake (despite the anatomical issues lol)!


  2. A very happy birthday to your son and amazing cake! Well done mama! x

  3. thank-you, I think it was definitely worth the effort :)