Monday, 18 July 2011

Bargain Finds

It has been a long time since my last Magpie Monday post so I thought I'd pop in to say Hi and show you some more things. First a granite pestle and mortar, my husband came home the other day with this... not an easy task believe me as he was on his push bike. I had wanted a large one this exact colour for a long time, my old one was white. He found this on his travels for £2.75 in a charity shop and thought he would surprise me.

Next is a bowl that I found in a box of junk at a car boot sale a while ago, it was totally black and gunky but it kind of spoke to me so I paid the 50p asking price and went home to see what was underneath. This is what I found... it is a silver colour (epns) and says 'Celtic pattern' on the base, I think it may be a sugar bowl and it has a blue glass liner. This has been used for all sorts of things over the years and is currently holding crystals.

Kind of a mystery item now, I found this at a jumble sale for 2p not really sure what it is but It may be home made?... it is a gold aged little pot, wooden I think but for the tiny price tag it was definitely worth it.

Looks very vintage... but although it is very battered and doesn't do much but sit on the shelf and gather dust, it has a very important job... 'keeper of the tiny treasures' it holds the tiny things I don't want to lose and the kids love to look at.

Lastly something with a more practical use a display cabinet for 80p, my husband had to modify it slightly. My son collects fossils, mostly teeth but he has a few others, this fish is far to delicate to be played with but it seems a shame to hide it away so the display cabinet is the perfect solution. 

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  1. All praise to your hubster for getting that back on the bike! We've got one like this is a green colour and it weighs a ton.

    Loving your little trinket box and it's very important job :0)

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. thank-you for reading, he is a bit special isn't he? and it does weigh a ton :)

  3. What a lovely present from your OH! We are never with out our pestle and mortar when we cook. Your sugar bowl looks very similar to the one my Grandmother had in her kitchen when I was growing up, great find!

  4. thank-you for visiting and your lovely comment, I love the pestle and mortar, it's weight makes it so easy to grind things :)

  5. Well done to your husband - thats a great bargain.

  6. Love blue glass and silver, so classic. The pot is beautiful, and I absolutely get the need for tiny treasure receptacles. How sweet of your husband to schlep the pestle and mortar home.

  7. thank-you for visiting, I love the silver and blue glass combination too, such a surprise to find it under the dirt and pots for tiny treasures are a definite must here.
    very grateful to my husband for remembering I wanted one, and for bringing it home :)

  8. I like the pestle and mortar best and it is always a good thing when husbands suprise us positively. Can't believe people sell things for 2p still

  9. thank-you for visiting, it was a very small church jumble sale, the 2p price tag surprised me too :D

  10. Wow - I'm really jealous of your pestle and mortar, especially at that price!!

  11. hey, thanks for your lovely comment. love all your vintage finds. they rock!

  12. hi i have just purchased the exact same sugar bowl as the one shown above , for £2.99 from my local charity shop. I would LOVE to know more about it,, age,,etc Any clues ?

    1. Hello, I have tried looking into this but have not found anything very helpful at all so far... it is a very beautiful bowl. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful :)