Friday, 14 October 2011

Dinosaur Park

The last couple of weeks have been so busy my feet have barely touched the floor, I have been meaning to update on here but time seemed to just fly by. We have had a mini heatwave and we have taken full advantage of this lovely Autumn weather and been out for many day trips, the children have had so much fun. Firstly we went to the Dinosaur park, an old favourite that we have to visit every year as my son is a huge dinosaur fanatic.

This year was slightly different as they had built a new indoor play area with large slides and the children were extremely excited to try this out. Even my youngest daughter braved all the slides and thought it very funny to be completely buried in the ball pit, we found her by following the giggles.

There were not many other children there when we went as the school term had started, so we got to hold some of the small animals like the guinea pigs and even stroke a bearded dragon. It makes the day a little more memorable when they get some hands on experience.

My son is admiring the dinosaur timeline which is all around the room, he was so fascinated by this that he has decided to make one for his bedroom, it will be a nice little project for him. Just thought I would leave you with a photo of another monster we have had growing in the garden this year, one of our sunflowers reached 10 feet and had over 30 flower heads on it, grown and cared for entirely by the children.


  1. It is big, the children are so proud of it too. I thought it would get crushed as they chose to plant it in the middle of the patio but I guess they proved me wrong :)

    thank-you for reading.