Monday, 9 May 2011

Is It A Sign?

The weather has warmed up significantly here so we thought we would give the Home educators sports club another try, to see how my son's feet would cope with the extra activity. This time last year he had to have surgery on his feet, which you can read about here. After recovering he quite excitedly started playing sports in the late summer but had to quit at Christmas due to the huge amount of pain his feet were in afterwards, possibly due to the severely cold weather we had been having. We weren't absolutely sure what was causing it, but they improved greatly when he stopped playing sports. You can read all about the painful decision he made here.

We arrived early as there is a lovely park adjoining the sports club where all the children play before and after sports, and the little brothers and sisters who are too young to join in the sports club get to play together, which my daughter loves. There were many new faces here since the last time we came.

My daughter had a great time, she played on everything, many times over. I have had to be creative with the photographs as I didn't want to include the ones with other people on, in case anyone was offended, she is not really playing alone, in an empty park.

And when she felt like doing something a little more sedate, there were puzzles and games all over the park and little hidey holes to keep her amused.

My son had a wonderful time both playing sports and in the park afterwards too, he played some football then they tried out some field sports like javelin and the hammer, for juniors of course. He has said his feet hurt a little but not too much, hopefully a normal amount for the exercise he has done, but we will see how he is tomorrow before he decides whether to continue going to the club.

We are pleased he chose to try out the club again as we are due to return to the specialist very soon and we can provide him with an accurate report of our son's progress, and all the things he can and can't do. He has been having some problems but we do not know if they are related, we will find out next month hopefully.


  1. Hoping hoping that his feet are happy tomorrow xx

  2. Brave boy! Many would be ever so cautious of going again after the painful experiences he's had, maybe wouldn't even try :(

    Hope all is well with him today.