Tuesday, 26 April 2011

We have an allotment!

Having been on the list for an allotment for nearly three years now, you would think I would have been expecting it, but it has still come as a big surprise to finally be allocated a plot. Apparently, this plot is a half plot and has been turned down by quite a few people because it is very overgrown and it definitely  looks a bit challenging.

We have visited the allotment a few times to make sure we knew what we were letting ourselves in for, my husband is much keener than me, I have to say! After the initial shock it was decided that we would try to negotiate a little with the council... the end result was that we have a free year next year and the rest of this year greatly reduced... so we have accepted it. Let the digging begin!

As you can see from the photographs a lot of work is needed, but we have been planning the best way to go about this and still manage to plant things as we go along too. There are a few things already there hidden amongst the weeds, the vines you can see at the back and down the side are hops and we have spotted a few raspberry bushes, so that's a good place to start.

On the way to the allotment we walk past a small holding which has quite a few chickens and as we are hoping to get some chickens of our own soon, we have been stopping for a chat. They are very friendly and come up to the fence to greet the children which is nice, sometimes running from the other side of the farm. The children are becoming quite fond of them, so we have been talking about all the things that they can do for the chickens when we get our own. So now you know what we will be doing this year, it will be quite an adventure, I'm sure!


  1. I'm having de ja vu - this is just like when we got our allotment! I hope you manage to get your plot under control. Well done on the fee negotiation!

  2. Well if anyone can sort it you guys can!

  3. thank-you for reading :)

    I hope we can get it under control, but as we got it so cheaply we haven't really lost too much. I'm sure we will have fun trying and also learn a lot too... hopefully!

  4. Wow, well done you for finally getting an allotment. Good luck in taming your plot. Our was in a similar state when we first got it - so it can be done!

  5. Congratulations! :))

    I'm sure it won't be long before the jungle starts turning. Lots of work ahead, but there will come a time when it is oh so worth it!

    Will be watching for updates...

  6. thank-you, we have waited for so long :)

    I hope we can make it work.

  7. We moved house last July, our garden is 0.2 acres. It was completley overgrown, grass 6ft high!
    In 8 months we have got it undercontrol, we've got chickens and veg planted.
    So enjoy your new plot and in a few months time you'll be enjoying delicious raspberries!!

    I have a post on our blog, showing how our garden looked and also have posts of our it looks now.
    Happy gardening

  8. thank-you for the encouragement and for visiting, we have been working hard on it and it already looks much different. I am now off to check out your garden :)