Monday, 25 April 2011

Recycling Jeans

My daughter loves denim shorts, last year we bought her some but were very disappointed with them so this year I thought I would recycle some of her jeans from the winter. They were already too short as my children are quite tall and the knees were worn through, so only fit for the bin really.... or maybe not! I had previously repaired these jeans once with this embroidered patch I made to make them last longer.

They lasted all winter with this patch and many people commented on how cute they were, but alas they are no more. First I cut off the legs at the point the knees had started to fray and get holes in.

Then folded up the bottom twice, pressed it with an iron ( yes sometimes I use it for more than craft projects) and stitched it at the seam to hold it in place.

There you go, as simple as that and it only took a few minutes and we have re-used a pair of jeans that were destined for the bin. My daughter is really happy as they were her favourite jeans because they have embroidered flowers and birds on them. As they were recycled by me, I could make them the perfect length... just right for playing in the garden as you can see below.

Definitely getting our money's worth out of this pair of jeans and why shouldn't we?... children grow so fast.


  1. Love the last picture! So sweet and the shorts are great too! :)

  2. thank-you, children's clothes very rarely keep until the next winter anyway due to their growing ;)

  3. Oh that brought back memories! :)

    I used to love, and it was very fashionable at the time, to embroider or do crewel work on my jeans and a jean jacket I had.

    Ahhh...those were the days! (I am SO old, lol)

    By the way, the shorts are lovely and the boots are just the ticket with them :)

  4. thank-you :)

    I embroidered the patch originally to match the other embroidery on the jeans, so as it looked like it was meant to be there and not repaired.