Sunday, 12 December 2010

Paper Quilled Snowflakes

As home educators, we hope to provide our children with the opportunity to try as many different and exciting arts and crafts as we can fit in over the years, with the aim of finding the ones the children love most and wish to continue with. Some of this enthusiasm has also rubbed off on us and this season I have tried out the art of paper quilling.

I found a free guide on a craft site, which looked very self explanatory (link at the bottom of this page) and my husband made me a quilling tool from a cut down needle stuck into a piece of wood, isn't he lovely! We then used the paper shredder to get the strips of card or paper to the correct size. I used the card we use to make greetings cards from as I wanted my snowflake to be sturdy enough to go on the tree.

The snowflake was sprayed with silver paint and glitter spray, which made it a little stronger, and matched the colour scheme of my tree.

This is a photograph of my finished snowflake, with ribbon added so that it will hang on the tree. I really enjoyed making this and I think it looks beautiful hanging on the tree. You could also fix the snowflake to the front of a home made Yule or Christmas card and wow the recipient. My eldest daughter has also tried it out, although she has taken it a little further and created her own designs.

 My daughters remind me a little of fractals, these are also waiting to be put onto the tree. The art of paper quilling has a long history which you can read about on this site.  If you would like to try this very relaxing craft out for your self and create these beautiful snowflakes for your tree you can find the guide here. My husband has done a guide for making your own quilling tool which you can see here.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Think we may have to give this a go.

  2. This is wonderful! I'll try to use my limited crafty skills to see what comes out. I'll came back and tell you how it went!

  3. Wow - they are so pretty :) Think we may have to have a go at this x

  4. thank-you all for visiting and your comments, and I'm pleased you have all been inspired to have a go... good luck :)

  5. How beautiful! I love the idea of making them sturdier so they can stand alone rather than being stuck to something else.

  6. You and your daughter have done a great job! I love to quill too, but find snowflakes pretty tedious especially for new quillers since the coils need to match pretty closely.