Thursday, 14 January 2016

Resurrection plant time lapse

My son decided to buy a resurrection plant called Selaginella lepidophylla also known as rose of Jericho and dinosaur plant amongst other things and we wanted to capture footage of the plant returning to life. So my husband and children set up the camera to make a time lapse film recording what happened for them to keep.

The clip lasts less than a minute but captures the plant opening and is an amazing educational project for the children to watch again. Our camera battery ran out slightly sooner than we would have liked so we have added a photograph at the end to show the plant after 24 hours. The good thing about these plants is that they can be dried out and re hydrated again. Fascinating to see!


  1. This is awesome. What did you use to take the pictures?

    1. Thank-you for reading. This project was a lot of fun, we have just used a phone camera for this. The most important thing is a tripod to keep the photos consistent. We are planning some more time lapse films in the summer using the DSLR camera :)