Friday, 26 September 2014

Hoover Disassembly!

Over the summer we have had the opportunity to make use of the educational resources from The James Dyson Foundation. The children have borrowed the Ideas Box and the Engineering Box both packed full of learning resources and equipment to disassemble.

They absolutely love taking things apart but usually only get to work on things that are broken and no longer useful to any body. So it was very exciting for them to take apart an actual working hoover then reassemble it, hoping they had followed instructions carefully enough and see it working again.

Both of them were extremely enthusiastic and it was lovely to see them working through the packs and spending many hours totally engrossed in the projects.

The educational boxes are lent out to schools and home educators on a 4 week basis, they are really quite large but the children loved their time spent as budding inventors and engineers and loved the challenge of looking at things in new ways.

After the boxes went back we were allowed to keep the educational resources packs from each box, which will give the children further things to do, we have also just ordered the challenge cards. I have put a link to the James Dyson Foundation at the top of this page for any home educators wanting to know more about the boxes.

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