Saturday, 3 May 2014

Nature Reserve

We are lucky enough to live close to a nature reserve which makes for some beautiful walks. This time of year we love to observe some of the babies that have just hatched and it turned out our timing was perfect.

These are the Egyptian geese, they are a personal favourite of mine, along with five goslings.

A close up of an Egyptian gosling... the children love these too as the little ones make a distinctive peep peep noise which is very cute. The photo below shows the family on the water.

We saw a few ducks with ducklings but did not really get close enough to get some pictures. We also saw Canadian geese with four goslings.

The goslings are huddled together in between the parent birds if you look closely. The other type of goose we spotted was the Greylag, they very very busy with ten goslings.

From the photo above we thought they had nine goslings but when they took to the water ten goslings can clearly be seen.

The children love to watch the babies and we usually go back and visit quite a few times to see how they grow and if they all survive.

This beautiful swan seemed to follow us along the bank, posing for many photos. A lovely day was made even better when we got to watch pike swimming in the nearby river for what seemed like a very long time.

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