Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Third wedding anniversay

A few days ago my wonderful husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary, although we have been together a lot longer than this. We made a pact when we married to hand make each others gifts according to the traditional anniversary guide and the third anniversary is leather. I had two ideas about gifts to make, the first was a handmade leather journal as I think they look gorgeous, but I had a little trouble finding the right kind of leather, so this project will be put off until later in the year.

I settled on a leather bracelet as the leather thread is easier to locate, I love the multi stranded mens bracelets but thought that might be a little more of a challenge to a first time leather user. So decided to stick to something I have been trying out lately, Macrame.

This is a close up of the bracelet, it is made using the macrame square double knot stitch. It is quite tough to pull tight enough as it is leather but I think it works very well.

As you can see I used a bead as a fastener and this finished bracelet does look amazing on his wrist.

Just like to finish by saying Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband x x x

Oh and if you like to see the lovely gift he made for me you can visit his blog here.


  1. Congratulations you guys! The bracelet is beautiful, or handsome sounds better for a blokey thing, your very clever x

  2. That's a really great make - is it easy to do? Happy anniversary, we're celebrating 9 years tomorrow, sadly I've not yet learned pottery yet!

    1. Thank-you, once you learn the knots it is quite easy and there are some very good tutorial videos out there. The leather was stiffer to work with than cord.

      Happy anniversary to you for tomorrow :)