Monday, 19 December 2011

Crochet Snowflake

Just a quick post to show you the crochet snowflake I made earlier, as you know my husband and I usually try to make some new decorations for the tree each year. This year I have already made quite a few things but I set myself the challenge of making a crochet snowflake... so here it is.

Not too bad for a first attempt... I hope anyway. It is made with metallic silver thread and I was thinking of making a garland of them for the window but I have dropped the thread in my coffee and had to wash it. Really hope it will be OK but it seems to be taking ages to dry so one hanging decoration will have to do. I got the pattern for this snowflake from pinterest, if you would like to make one I'll post the link to attic24 here.


  1. I think it's lovely and can envision a garland full of them! :)

    Been to OH's blog, but wanted to pop by here too and again wish all of your family a happy & healthy holiday season!

  2. Thank-you, hope you all have a wonderful holiday season too :)