Saturday, 16 October 2010

Rock Painting

I have been thinking of ways of making the garden look a little more interesting or magical lately, to the children over the stark winter months, and also introduce some more fun crafts. This time we have killed two birds with one stone (excuse the pun). It was a really rainy day, the children were a little upset that we had to cancel our trip out so we had to come up with something to do last minute that was fun. We didn't have any acrylic paint so we have had to use normal poster paint but they loved making these little rock monsters so much that we will probably make some more when we have the proper paint. My husband sprayed them with lacquer to make them a little more waterproof.

 When they were dry and the sun was shining, we hid them all over the garden. As you can see above, some have had some finishing touches of googly eyes and the toadstool has a little hand carved stalk. But these were mostly painted and made by my youngest children aged just 6 and 2 with much love. 

Now when winter comes and the garden is bare, there will be little folk or things of interest hiding everywhere. So far my daughter has been finding them hilariously funny every time she spots one lurking. Some of them like the one above are very colourful and will brighten up a dull corner.

I spotted this lonely one playing in the dirt. We did something similar to this for my husband on father's day, my son painted a rock and we wrote "dad rocks" on it. you can see it here. can't wait to paint some more using acrylic paint. we have quite a few crafts lined up to cheer up the garden for winter and to try to make it a little more magical for the little ones.


  1. that's a lovely idea, and great pics of it too.

    Welcome to the blogring :)

  2. thank-you, phew! I'm so glad you didn't think the rocks were a little strange ;)

  3. Wicked!
    I can remember painting eyes on beach stones when I was a kid, but have never thought of doing it with my kids.

  4. My girls would love to do something like that. They are always collecting rocks when we go out and they just started painting them.

  5. thank-you for visiting and your comment, my children also loved doing this and you can make magical for all ages :)

  6. Oh these guys are super duper cute! Definitely LOTS of fun!!!

    If it is "your thing" come and link up ;-)


  7. I just love these! You can give them all sorts of expressions. I found your brill blog via Red Ted Art who thought you might like to link to the Resource Centre. It's a space for ideas to help teachers & lots of yours would be great! I do hope you will pop over.

  8. I love this! I am a new follower and I would love if you would link this activity up to my Made by Little Hands Monday linky part!!
    Thanks so much!

  9. These are absolutely amazing. I'm going to use your idea to implement our recycled flower bed. Love from Poland