Wednesday 30 March 2011

Spring Blossom Craft

One of the things that tells you Spring has definitely arrived is the blossom appearing on the trees, the children love running under the trees and playing in all the blossom as it falls on them like confetti or snow. So we thought we would recreate the spring blossom branches.

First we collected some small twigs or branches from the pile offcuts pruned back earlier in the year. Then I have cut out some blossom flower shapes from pink tissue paper, the cut out flowers and the twigs can be seen above.

Then take a couple of your cut out flowers and push down in the centre with the end of something like a paint brush and twist slightly, this gives you the blossom shape, as seen above. Once the brush is removed the piece left in your hand is the piece glued on the stick.

This can be a craft adaptable for any age group, as you can see above my daughter put loads of glue and blossoms on her stick. We have just used normal PVA glue.

Or you can use less blossom and try to arrange it naturally to try and look as much like a real branch as possible.

Above is a photograph of the finished spring blossom twigs drying in a vase, I think they will look lovely on the mantelpiece or on the window ledge, they really brighten the place up. The children had a lot of fun with this.

It even looks quite realistic close up.



  1. Oh my these are ADORABLE! And cherry blossom are my most favourite Spring thing EVER! Love these!

    Thank you so much for linking to Kids Get Crafty! Much appreciated


  2. thank-you for reading and your kind words :)

  3. Stopping by from Red Ted!

    This is just too darling! Love it!


  4. Super cute idea!! Love it,

  5. This looks lovely! Did you cut out all the blossoms by hand or use a punch?

  6. This is so clever - looks amazing! Scarlett x

  7. I actually cut all the blossoms out by hand as our punches were not big enough, but you can cut out several layers at once :)

    thank-you for reading.

  8. What a great idea!! I love that the materials are so simple and works on fine motor skills with the kids. I shared it on my Facebook Page, The Golden Gleam.

  9. That is such a lovely project. It looks really realistic and so pretty.

  10. absolutely beautiful. I'm not naturally crafty but this I just might have to try thanks to your easy step tutorial. I'll link it back here if I do

  11. I'm so enjoying seeing the blossom on the trees at the moment and it's reminded me to make some spring blossom like yours with sunnyboy. Thanks so much for sharing this with the Spring Carnival. :)

    1. Thank-you for featuring us :)

      I was wondering whether to make some more but in the style of forsythia instead.